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    Is there any amicus attorney - TREO 300 or 270 user out there ?

    If yes, do you use Agendus ?

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    Originally posted by Svengel
    Is there any amicus attorney - TREO 300 or 270 user out there ?

    If yes, do you use Agendus ?


    I am familiar with Amicus Attorney but I don't use it because I developed a customized set of relational databases in FileMaker Pro to run case management and T&B in my office.

    I do use Agendus on my Treo 300 and like it a lot.

    I have a workaround for syncing my calendar data - actually it's not true syncing because I always use desktop overwrites handheld, but my Rube Goldberg setup exports my future events to a textfile, which is then imported into Palm Desktop and then overwritten into my Treo and displayed in Agendus.

    A similar function for my +/- 2,200 Contacts.

    If you are looking to do timekeeping right on your Treo, there are a lot of Palm products out there, but you will have to improvise to get the data into your desktop program of choice.

    Vizsync will write custom conduits to get your desktop data two-way synched between the traditional Palm programs and your desktop program if you are really willing to invest the expense. So far, I have chosen to improvise.

    Incidentally, Agendus will soon be introducing a version which provides for categories within Meetings, which may enable extending my RB type setup in order to sync meetings entered first in the Treo back to the desktop.

    What specifically are you trying to do?


    Treo 600 - what a "Marvel"ous device!
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    I use Amicus and a Treo 300. I try to use as much freeware as possible. I've tried a lot of timekeeping and calendars. Right now I'm using hotdate and project. Amicus, or some enterprising developer, needs to get us a palm version.
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    For sure...

    I don't understand why amicus don't invest in the developpement of an palmamicus...

    Where is it possible to download "hotdate and project" ?

    Thank you

    Sven (Switzerland)
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    I'm prettty sure it was

    It might be called "project"

    The way you have to search the site is click on manual search at the bottom, then control/"F" for find.
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    Thank you
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    I haven't found a really good free timekeeping program yet, and would like to hear if anyone knows of one. I'm using "time companion" now, but it has limitations. sometimes I just use tick tock, which is intended as a stopwatch application. I know timeslips has a commercial app as well. Anybody tried it?
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    Actually, I'm working with Timeslips... and I'm quite satisfied... I just miss a good included TAL system

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    I use Hourz for the Palm client. It has client info, billing rates, and exports to Quickbooks or as a comma delimited file.

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