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    I was wondering if there is a possibility to charge the Treo with standard batteries through any kind of USB interface.

    After being several times in the grotesque situation to power up my clunky laptop during a flight just to charge my Treo, I thought there must be a more elegant and light solution.

    Isn't it possible to connect the Treo USB cable to a set of standard batteries and source it some power, or are there technical obstacles (or other truely mobile solutions) to help?


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    There are several solutions now available and you can buy them all at - and no I don't work for them, just a satisfied customer.

    I currently carry (in my purse) a AA battery unit that will recharge the Treo several times with 4 AA batteries, and the power kit that changes from a car charge to a 9Volt to an airline adapter. Wouldn't go anywhere without them.
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    thanks for this one. Ordered it right away -- it is exactly what will be needed when I get this job sitting on a mountain, just thinking and playing Bebop on my Treo...

    Only thing to mention is, that this stuff is sold by Seidio (sic!) -- Seido goes to the "World Seido Karate Organization" ;-).

    Have a great one,

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    I also make a charger. See them at
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    Originally posted by gadgetguru
    I also make a charger. See them at
    Ummmm....don't see one for the Treo....
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    I know. I need to add it to the site.
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    I have now added the TreoBattPlug and the AAATreoBattPlug.
    (No wonder I haven't had any orders for those!!!) DOH!!!

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