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    I am new to the Treo and have Treo300SMS and like it's abilities. Tonight however I get a beep about shortmail and then never received the message (never got to the second beep for the actual message). I have searched the forum and not found a really clear answer, so my questions are how does one get a sms message that was not received...I mean I know I can log into on my computer and get it, but what if you are not around a there an alternative from the Treo? Does Treo300SMS try to get that message again later? What is the best thing to do?

    Thanks in advance for any advice
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    Welome aboard. What you are experiencing is somewhat normal behavior for Sprint. Sometimes the Sprint short mail server "burps" or is down precluding completing the transfer and sometimes (not very often at all) the PDAapps server has a "hiccup." Sometimes when another SMS message is sent to your phone, it will "flush" the message queue, so to speak/

    Sprints Short Mail is not the most reliable thing in the word. Count your blessings that Treo300SMS is such a great app, have a little patience and everything should be fine.

    Also, try sending yourself a SMS message and see what happens.

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