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    Hey, just thought I'd let the Treo 300 crowd know this. On the Palm site there is news of a new Tungsten - a wireless version. Looks pretty cool, keyboard and all, designed like the treo but looks much flashier. Flashier price too ($549). It hasn't been announced yet but I think they're getting ready...
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    Sorry, this is the URL to look at:

    It isn't linked to from the Palm site as far as I can tell.
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    320x320 is nice, but mandatory headset for calls and GSM are two major strikes against it.

    How about that Garmin GPS/palmOS5 with 32 megs ram, SD slot, virtual graffiti 320x480! The gps is linked to the palm address book and date book. With a bluetooth SD card, one could conceivably have internet as well. If I were ever to go back to two devices, this is the one I'd like to have. (downside once again is that the only bluetooth phones are GSM so no cheap unlimited internet. Is there some reason CDMA carriers can't offer a bluetooth phone?)

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