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    anyone know if you have a family plan do the other non vision phones get wireless web and or text messages???

    I did not see a fee on my last bill for overage on wireless web and the phone is non vision so whats the deal?

    and sprint vision customers get unlimited messaging right??? if so do people without vision get free text messaging?? like forwarding AIM msgs?
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    I recently bought a treo 300 for myself and two non-vision phones for other family members. They all work off the same plan - which is a vision plan. All phones can recieve text messages. However the non-vision phones do not have internet capability, nor the ability to send a reply message (that is, except for the treo 300 which has internet and can sent and recieve text messages with a program called treosms). Hope this helps....
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    are the oter non vision phones limited to the standard 50 wireless web messeges?? or unlimited like vision

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