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    Have had my treo for several months now and have noticed that the keys are beginning to get noisy... producing a "clicking" type sound, alost as if there was a stiff piece of cellophane under the keys, it is louder on some keys than others...

    anyone else experience this ? Anything to be owrried about ?

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    mine has always done that. The cellophane sound is more noticable on some keys
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    Look at that thread which shows pictures of the inside of the treo. There is some type of cellophane in there. I assumed it's there to cushion the phone if one drops it. If it serves that purpose, then audible clicking is a small price to pay.
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    Hey, thanks for bringing up this point. Mine always clicked, but I never heard anyone say something. So, I thought it might have been me only, or that I was starting to hear things. But I do not think that a particular key clicks all the time. For instance, I could hit a key, hear it click, then hit it again and it will not click. I also always thought it was the type of plastic of the actual keys themselves, that were clicking.

    However, if there is some cellophane-like stuff in there to help protect it, does that mean that we are pressing too hard on the keys if we are getting this clicking noise sometimes?


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    The only keys that do it on mine are M and N. My first unit did not do this, but the second one does.

    When I had it apart I was looking for a culprit: Pressing on the white membrane that is under the keyboard did produce a slight clicking sound, but definately not as loud as when in conjunction with the keyboard installed. As the membrane is attached to the main unit in some odd fashion, I did not take it off to see what was under there.
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    I started to get the same non-electronic clicking on my T600 when I sometimes use my I/O/K/L/M keys. I did a search and found the thread above. I can live with the clicking, but wanted to see if this led anyone else to something bigger, e.g., keyboard failure and/or replacement?

    Thanks in advance!
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