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    I need technical support help on a problem I am having with the Blazer browser on my Treo 300. I can't seem to get Sprint or anyone at Handspring to respond. Sprint is not knowledgeable about Blazer and Handspring says any support for the Treo 300 is Sprint's issue.

    Here is my problem, which I previously posted to this board:

    I am having trouble authenticating consistently to a private web site (HTTP authentication) using the Blazer browser on my Treo 300. I can login the first time and I can go for three or four pages, and then, bam, it throws me an authentication error. If I close the phone, go back to the web site, re-enter my username and password, it authenticates fine and, for that entire session, will continue to work as intended without having to re-authenticate. This seems like it should be an easy problem to resolve, but I cannot seem to figure out how to contact anyone that will help with this problem. Handspring/Blazer refuse to help when I say it is a Treo 300 and Sprint doesn't know anything about Blazer. Does anyone have any suggestions for you how to get help, or have you experienced similar authentication problems?
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    I wish someone would reply to this post. I've posted it twice now. Has nobody else needed any tech support on Blazer? How did you get it?
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    Originally posted by authentication
    I wish someone would reply to this post. I've posted it twice now. Has nobody else needed any tech support on Blazer? How did you get it?
    I have problems accessing all sorts of sites with Blazer, as do all of us. The web isn't ready for PDA browsers, and vice-versa. In general, if Blazer can't access a site, the first thing to do is to try other browsers like Xiino or Eudora (Xiino can handle a lot of sites that others can't).

    I can't say what problem you're having, as I have no idea how the site is programmed, but suspect that it's either a bug with Blazer's session support; odd programming on the web site, or a combo of the two. I don't really blame Handspring/Sprint for not wanting to assure compatibility with every web site in the world.
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    I agree that neither Sprint nor Blazer is responsible for accessing any site. However, I would think that one of them would provide a means of obtaining some support; some means of e-mailing or talking with someone. We are a software developer and I can't imagine saying to my clients that they can't contact me in any way regarding a service I provide.

    I have installed and used Eudora, which works just fine, and therefore, leads me to conclude that it is Blazer's proxy server causing the problem. Unfortunately, Eudora doesn't support images and our web application is related to real estate where photos are very useful for our clients. I will try the Ximian product as well, to see if that is better.

    Regardless, I think Blazer could provide an e-mail or some other type of support. I did find a link about a month ago to e-mail them my problem, but they have never responded.

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