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    Is there a way to type the equal key on the Trea 300?
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    I posted this in another thread, but, myeah, might as well reproduce it here too in case any other newbies are searching for similar answers.

    You can get to the equal sign by pushing the Option+F to get a hyphen, OR the Option+O to get the number sign, then push the "..." button (zero) to scroll down to the equal sign.

    All the "special characters" info (i.e. chracters you can get to by pushing the "..." button) is in the Treo 300 user guide (Entering Data in Your Phone >> Using the PCS Treo 300 Keyboard >> Typing extended characters).

    There's a chart that has all the extended characters, and what key to press to access the characters. I printed out the page when I was first getting familiar with the keyboard. Might be worth it to do the same when you're first learning.

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