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    Question: Is there a key whith the Treo 300 that is called the tilde key? It look like a squiggly horizontel S.
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    Press 't' then the list key (...) followed by anything else. The tilde (~) is the second item, the one selected by default, in the list associated with the letter 't'.
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    Tilde is one of the Listtype characters.

    o followed by Listtype key(zero key)


    t followed by Listtype key
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    Thanks guys for the help!
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    This info is in the Treo 300 user guide (Entering Data in Your Phone >> Using the PCS Treo 300 Keyboard >> Typing extended characters).

    There's a chart that has all the extended characters, and what key to press to access the characters. I printed out the page when I was first getting familiar with the keyboard. Might be worth it to do the same when you're first learning.

    Have fun with your new Treo!

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