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    very dumb question about treo 300, but what happens when ur battery runs out? does data get lost? I recently switched from handspring deluxe (which erases all the data when battery runs out).
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    yes. simple.
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    Yes, but unless your Treo goes bananas, it goes into a sort of coma where you can't turn it on or use the phone, but it is preserving the memory. Of course you can't do that forever.
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    I've had my treo 300 go totally dead twice so far from super battery drain. It was like I did a hard reset and deleted all my data.
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    I was able to run my Palm IIIxe down to "0%" (as indicated by LauncherIII), to the point where it wouldn't turn on at all, yet when the AAA batteries were replaced, the data was still there.

    The 2 times that I've let my Treo get to that point, I've lost all data.

    Go figure.

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