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    I have a Freespeak for my Treo 300 and have a question about charging. The book says that both the headset and multi-adapter blue lights extinguish when charged. After an overnight charge, the headset light is the only one that extinguishes. Do you experience the same thing? The multi-adapter blue light remains on no matter what.



    By the way, it appears to hold a charge, but I need to use it more to test the life of the multi-adapter battery.
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    no i charge mine every night before bed when i wake up in the morning both lights are out.

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    I finally got my freespeak and I noticed that the headset will hold a charge, but the adapter doesn't. More often than not, the adapter will stop flashing after about 10 minutes of use. I can't figure out what's going on. Ideas?
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    Both of my lights go out when fully charged, but I'll look into your problem. May want to make sure your earpiece is fully docked in the transmitter.
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    I'd better be clearer about my issue.

    The adapter and headpiece charging seems to be ok. I plug in the charger and both light up blue until the charge is done...then the lights turn off. Then I unplug and start using. When I don't use the headpiece, it's sitting in the adapter. Problem is this: after maybe 3 calls or 10 minutes, the adapter seems to stop working. No flashing lights, even if I slide the headpiece in and out of it. The headpiece can't connect to the adapter. But if I plug the charger into the adapter for 5 seconds, everything works again. On top of all that, sometimes, I get lucky and both work for hours without any issues.


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