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    I am trying out a friend's Jabra Freespeak and my initial impression on this is very very cool. It's light, sounds good and battery life is better than the treo although that isn't saying much. I had to do some tweaking like adjusting the microphone sensitivity and setting it to low. I was getting an echo and sounded tinny to people on the other end. Also, I think it's best to turn the volume on the treo all the way up and back it down 2 spots, then adjust the volume on the Jabra to get the best sound.

    My question now to everyone who has one is how do you initiate call-waiting? If you press the button on the headset it hangs up the call. The only solution is taking the phone out of my holster and pressing the button on the screen. Whereas when using my wired plantronics headset, I could press the button on the cord and switch between calls.

    Am I doing something wrong here or is this not a feature, which in my opinion is a pretty big one. The answer/end function works great, although I keep forgetting to take the headset out of standby BEFORE I dial the phone.

    I also dremmeled the Treo Holster to expose the jog dial and have voice command as my first speed dial. Now I can just reach down, press the jog dial 2x and I'm calling. Very, very cool.
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