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    Damn. I've been using Chatter so much in the past few months that I forgot to mention one of the major design features of the software: To make receiving and sending messages happen in the "background" (i.e. while you're reading and/or composing other messages). The worst hiccup I've seen is the occasional fraction-of-a-second pause (which I should be able to eliminate). Chatter is also able to recover from most data connection interruptions without user intervention.
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    You have to stop this teasing and give us this program ...
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    I agree. I think I was told 2 weeks ago that it would be out in a week.

    I hate being teased.

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    Well, there's no teasing intended. But I would like to make sure that the code is reasonably stable before releasing it on unsuspecting users... The first group of testers (alpha testers, really) will get software this coming week. Depending on how that goes, I'll let more people try it. New features have been (and will be) added quite frequently.

    In the update department, I installed Chatter on an associate's new Samsung SPH-I330, and it took only an hour to get it up and running (i.e. debugging, editing the code to remove Treo-only features, etc.... ) A few things don't work quite as expected, but I'd say it's 90% up and running for him, and the required changes won't take but a day. So I'd say that Chatter for other palm-based phones isn't far away.

    Stay tuned...

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