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    For some time now Pre-Treo 300 I have had a Windows CE Jornada PDA that I would sync with my desktop Outlook files and then switch it to infra-red and sync with my laptop computer.

    By doing this the desktop, Jornada and Laptop would all be up to date with the latest Outlook information.

    Now I'm the proud owner of a Treo 300 and the sync with the desktop from the charging cradle is a snap.

    Can I also take the USB cable with me and sync with the laptop on the road ?

    Is it as simple as installing the software on the laptop and hooking it up ?


    Ron Vermillion - nebwie Treo guy.
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    "Yes" and "yes".
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    You can install the Palm Sync software on the laptop and sync to it, thus having 3 items with all the same outlook info. I do this between my home and work pc, and my treo. A couple of things to remember:

    - export your calendar, contacts, notes from outlook as a precaution. When I first started I overwrote current info. with old a couple of times.

    - Sync with your work pc so you are sure that the work pc and the treo match.

    - The first time you sync to the laptop, you may want to go into Chapura Settings on the laptop and click settings, and set it up so on the next sync, the TREO will overwrite outlook. But on subsequent syncs you want it set to 'sycnronize'
    Chapura is a program that works in conjuntion with Palm Desktop to do the sync.
    (c:\program files\handspring\chapura\conduit manager\ccmgr.exe)

    - Now, sync to your laptop. Check the data in outlook. you should now have 3 copies of the same data

    - Now, with both pc's set to 'Synchronize' in the Chapura settings (a default I think) From here it is a snap. Just sync once in the morning and once at night. Any information (appt's, notes, contacts...) added to any of the 3 devices will be in sync.

    The tricky part is when you have 3rd party apps like pocket quicken or documents to go. I have documents to go on both my work pc and home pc. Sometimes when I edit a Word document at work, then sync to the Treo, then sync the Treo to home, I get a log message stating that there are duplicates, and the sync process made a copy of the document and I need to figure out which one is current and delete the other one.

    It's easy, but takes practice and make sure you backup your outlook stuff before you start.

    Good Luck.


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