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    Anyone know how to access the MSN Messenger on the Treo 300? I can't find it anywhere. When I enter "" into blazer I get links for news, weather, etc. but no link to e-mail or the messenger.

    I know enter "" and that gets me to the e-mail aspect of hotmail but I still can't find the MSN messenger so I can chat. Anyone have any insight regarding this issue?
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    MSN has a deal with Verizon to only offer MSN Messenger with them directly.

    There are two other alternatives.

    1. has Verichat that will log onto the AIM, MSN, or Yahoo messenger networks. It works great. It costs $25-50 PER year.

    2. PalmMSN is a java based app that will VERY SLOWLY log onto MSN sometimes. You need to also download MIDP from the Sun website.
    Jeff Schaffer
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    Chatter (software described on the Treo 300 board) will, when released, work with MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, and eMail.
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    You can also try Messenger Force.

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