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    My visor prism is dying. The connectors have come detached and it will not sync or charge. So its only a matter of time before its useless. SO... I'm considering taking advantage of current rebate offers to get a treo. I used to use a connection to my cell phone to connect my prism to the internet, but could never get into our exchange server at work with it. It appears that sprint now offers business software that enables you to access your exchange server. It also appears people are accessing their msn accounts on their treo. Are these assumptions true? If I just want to access my work and msn e-mail accounts and send e-mail from them, will I need an additional e-mail client on my treo?

    And do you in general like the product? I was considering moving away from handspring since I had not had my prism too long and it seems to be falling apart! there is a piece of plastic missing from under the on/off switch and the connectors are totally broken off! I never recall dropping it or throwing it around. So I'm concerned about the durability of handspring products. Plus my husband is giving me a big guilt trip over how many pdas I'm going through!!!
    Thanks for any advice you all have!

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    Hi! I switched from my Prism to Treo 300. My 3 year old daughter uses my Prism for drawing-had for two years and have dropped on numerous occasions yet no parts missing or falling apart of the unit. Guess I'm fotunate! Anyway, to answer your question regarding email w/work…if you're able to access you email with your Prism/cell phone and you're using Palm-related software to do so, the answer is yes. If however you're using you cell phone to do it, the answer is maybe. . .1ou'd have to see if your company server will accept it. Wish I could be more help. Good Luck!
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    Thanks. Actually I was never able to log in to check my mail via the exchange server at work, but now sprint is advertising that the treo comes with business software that allows you to do that. Anyone out there using their treo to check e-mail at work via an exchange server? Anyone using the treo to check their msn mail? If so, do you need additional third party software?


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    Sprints BC software resides on your desktop, it doesn't do a direct access to Exchange but, of course, if your desktop connects to Exchange, you will have access to your Exchange e-mails. I have found BC software to be unreliable and a pain in the **** to keep running (my opinion). Just about any mail client available for the Treo can support Exchange depending upon if you need POP or IMAP and whether your IT department wants to open up the proper ports (one can spoof ports for better security). A better implementation is OWA on the Exchange server and this $100 utility.

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