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    I have looked at the tread the stoped in Nov. and did not see any soloutions to this problem. I have started having this problem in the last week. No new applicatins have been installed. Level 2 tech support is clueless the best I can tell.
    Any more people having this problem

    NotifyMgr.c, line 2269, stackoverflow.
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    For a backgrounder, the original thread is here (
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    One thing I saw in the previous thread ... meta_dave suggested the following:

    I have found that Hacks and Treo add on programs like the PicturecallerID are the most likely culprits for errors like this. Most of the apps that enhance the Treo were written for GSM phones and may not play well on the cdma version. The trick is to find which are not playing well together or even on their own ... I suggest turning off all the Hacks that affect phone functions and all the apps particularly ones that affect caller ID. Then tuen them on one by one and make calls into the phone and send SMS ( to see which is the culprit.
    Has anybody tried this solution (turning off hacks and turning them on one-by-one, and then sending an SMS message)?

    Did anybody figure out if a particular hack or app could consistently reproduce the problem?
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    I have installed no new hacks. This problem has just started up.
    Ihave the following on my Treo
    Bible reader v340.0 from
    BizCon v
    Blazer v 2.1.1
    Buttons v 3.5H
    Calc v 3.5H2
    CityTime v 2.12H
    Connection v 3.5
    Contacts v 3.5H2
    DateBook+ v 3.5H
    Digitizer v 3.5
    Expense v 3.5
    Formats v 3.5
    General v 3.5
    GlucoPilot v 1.60US
    Gobble v 1.3
    Handspring HTTP v 1.3
    HandSpring net Ma... v 0.001
    Handspring net Pre... v 0.001
    HeTSharedLib v 1.0
    HotSync v 3.5
    HS Serial Wrapper v 3.5H
    HsSSLPlus109a v 1.0.9aH
    IOTA v 1.00
    IrDALibrary v 3.5H
    Keyboard v 3.5H
    LdbMgr Library v 3.5H
    libmal v 2.0
    Mail v 3.5
    MathLib v 1.1
    MemoPad v 3.5
    Message library v 0.0
    Netlibrary v 3.5
    Network v 3.5
    Owner v 3.5
    PGP v 2.0
    Phone Library v 0.0
    PhoneBook v 3.5H
    Prefs v 3.5
    Ringer v 1.0
    Security v 3.5
    Shortcuts v 3.5
    SMS v 3.5H
    sslplus v 1.0.7i
    stopwatch v 1.0
    ToDoList v 3.5
    update 3.5.2H v 3.5.2H
    USBLibrary v 3.5h
    Welcome v 3.5H
    ZLib v 0.0
    That is everything that has been on both an earler Palm and now the Treo300.

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