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    I saw this on comp.sys.palmtops.pilot

    I was just wondering the same.

    Any way??


    Bruce in Belle Harbor

    Subject: Customize Treo 300 buttons to keystrokes
    From: (Phil Seeman)
    Date: 01/08/03 9:39 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Message-id: <>

    Is there a utility that allows me to customize the four application
    buttons to a set of keystrokes of my choosing -- or is there perhaps
    another solution to my need:

    I want to be able to set one of the four app buttons to launch
    SprintPCS voice command (which is * + Handset/Enter).

    TIA for any suggestions!
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    Bruce - there's a util called Macroplay that does something like what you are looking to do (I think) you can set it to perform a specific action(sequence) on of after certain events. The only issue is the price ($30 i think) - kind of high for my needs.

    If you are using it to run a lot of macros then it may be well worth it, but in my case I was only working with 1

    The other app I use is ButtonsT that allows you to set "secondary" shortcuts to apps using the option key+button. I use it all the time, and the price is definitely right - Free.

    Both are up at I believe.

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