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    I keep seeing all these adds for games and being able to send photos on your Sprint Vision this available on the Treo 300? I've got one and have yet to figure out how to send photo's like the adds say you can with Sprint Vision. What am I missing?

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    I think the simple answer is you don't have the capability to take photos with your Treo 300. There are ways to send photos, but they would be sent as an attachment to and email. I have read it elsewhere on discussion site. . .please do a search and ou may find. Good luck!
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    There a lot of Vision services that aren't available on the Treo. These are just some of them. This is documented on the SprintPCS site.
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    So where on the SprintPCS site is this information listed...all I can find on the SprintPCS site about the Treo 300 is how to buy another one!


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