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    Got the Seiko ink link pen system for Xmas, and have tried it both connected to my PC (USB) and 270 (Infrared).

    It is a great solution to take down quick notes, I am trying to find a suitable pad holder solution to attach the componenets to, as otherwise its a bit of a fumble.

    Also having a bit of a problem with the auto off on the treo, see my post on:

    Anyone else out there using this?
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    while I am not having a solution for your transceiver problem, I would like to understand it a little bit better (as the InkLink looks really cool and I might be willing to go for one myself...):

    * How do you attach the Irda Transceiver at the moment and why is it "a bit of a fumble"?
    * Do you have a picture of the InkLink in action with your Treo?

    As for the Auto shut-off, there has been another thread on Treocentral (somebody wanted to dissassemble the flip lid and looked for a solution to dismiss auto shut-off).

    Thanks for feedback, and have a good day,

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    Will do pics on Monday mpolke, you know what they say a picture is the same as a paragraph....

    What I mean by fumbly is that if you are not at a desk or flat surface where you can lay out treo and writing pad, you need to have a rigid writing pad that has space to attach the treo.

    Seiko make a similar product called SmartPad, but I was not conviced of their quality and feel and thus went for the InkLink.

    As far as opening the lid to remove the magnetic switch, I do not want to go that far. I have tried a hack called stayonline (see thread and just need to activate the hack when I use the InkLink
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    Here are two pictures that show the Treo and Inlink connected.

    As you can see the ir receiver is not ideal as the antenna gets in the way and you need to keep the lid shut - hence why I want to mount all of this with velcro on a rigid pad holder.

    The jpg is the result of a quick scribble on the treo and then synced to my PC (InkLink comes with a conduit).

    When on full page view on the treo, you can't really read what you are writing (screen resolution too small), but you can always use the zoom function on the treo inklink software.

    The note is however captured with 100% accuracy (see jpg).
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    This is the note produced...
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    Sorry could not get all three images in the same thread (?)
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    My experience with this company isn't good. I found them rather deceptive and as I'm not from the States, couldn't return the product after discovering a fatal fault with the software.

    With the smart pad, you cannot read what you write on the Palm even at max size resolution of the software! Defeats the idea of the entire concept. Upon writing to the company, they replied that no further development of the software was planned and that the only way to read what you've written is to download it into the PC!

    Actually this issue is mentioned in their site, but so deeply hidden that it took me 1 hour to find it! And it was hidden as a passing note. This level of deception deserves legal action.

    Sold the product immediately. Interesting concept but ridiculous and dishonest implementation.
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    Well it should be quite obvious that due to the treo screen resolution it would be impossible to reproduce an A4 sheet of paper on such a small screen. IMHO its not "a fatal fault with the software".

    I think the Inklink works smoothly enough not to have to check that the exact details of the sketch or writing are being transcribed - i.e. works sufficiently well to "trust" the application, after all you you can see what you are writing on the paper pad.

    What I am using it most is to quickly capture diagrams or notes in order to email them on the fly.
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    Hi manu,

    thanks for the pictures. It really looks like an unstable construction. And I imagine running from meeting to meeting with all these cables hanging around, looking like the Cable Guy :-)

    Why didn't you go with the SmartPad, which seems to be the obvious solution for a lot of the problems mentioned?

    I am still the proud owner of a CrossPad, which was unfortunately discontinued by Cross (and won't connect to my Windows 2000 machine nowadays). To understand what I mean check out this EBay item. It was really a cool technology, didn't require you to have your PDA with you when taking notes. But unfortunately it only connected to Windows-machines, not to PDAs via infrared.

    If the SmartPad offers something like that, it would be a winner IMO.

    Thanks for sharing why the SmartPad is not a suitable solution.

    Cheers, Marcus

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