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    As promised...

    This is a "typical" Chatter contact/chat/mailbox screen showing three messages from "Phil" and one in the process of being written as a reply (these were actually received this morning, btw). Tapping on any of the three received messages takes you to a new screen from which you can view the entire message (these happen to be short, but that wouldn't likely be the case with eMail), and reply via either eMail or (in this case) Yahoo.

    On the top line are the time, the contact "popup" and icons indicating the connected services and (square on far right) the status of the data channel. The envelope represents the IMAP (eMail) server, the "IM" represents the multi-IM Jabber server, and the others represent Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, and MSN messengers. At the time this screenshot was taken, all messengers were active, and I would have been visible (in my various personae) to anyone on all four networks.

    The bottom line shows the "alert" area (which indicates a new message from "Marc), a button to change the screen format from chat-oriented to email-oriented, and Phil's status on Yahoo ("Online"). Tapping the alert ("Marc") takes you to Marc's screen (i.e. to view the new message); tapping on the "Yahoo" icon sends the message being composed to Phil via Yahoo.

    More to follow, if there's enough interest...

    - Marc

    (Software, screens, etc. (c) 2003 Marc Blank)

    p.s. I've gotten a few requests for the software for other phones. At the moment, I only plan to support the Treo 300, if for no other reason than I don't have any other phones to play with!
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    Hi Marc . . . Iam replying on my Treo and I do not see a screenshot. . ?
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    Hi Marc . . . I am replying on my Treo and I do not see a screenshot. . ?
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    I am not at my desktop and it looks really cool ...

    Wonder why my post from the Treo appeared twice??? Ahh well.

    Hope I get picked to try Chatter out!!
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    Waaayyy coool!

    When are you going to start sharing the goods with the masses?

    BTW people that share are cool
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    Yes indeed they are ...
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    Take us to the mother ship...I'm ready to give it a try.
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    I'd love to test it out. Sign me up.

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    Nice! Very Nice! Please drop me a line when you get ready to beta test!
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    good work, marc! I can't wait to be a guinea pig for this software... By the time it gets in our hands we wont need to be quick with the reset tool by the looks of it, eh?
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    I'm interested.... looks like it will make an impact.... cant wait...
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    Count me in too if you'd like a beta tester for this. Looks very promising. Keep up the good work.

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