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    Just before Christmas I decided to splurge & buy a Treo 300. I've been having a lot of fun with it since then, & downloaded some freebies to try out, amongst them was RechoEcho so I could do graffiti (my previous PDA was a Handspring Visor Edge). A few days ago my Treo suddenly started acting weird. It wouldn't respond to some of my screen taps on menus, etc., but the weirdest thing was that sometimes when I'd tap on the the screen, long diagonal lines would appear on the screen that didn't belong there.

    I had a feeling the weird behavior had to do with something I'd downloaded, so I did a hard reset to delete everything & start over. When I hotsynched it installed my add-on programs again, & initially I couldn't delete them because the thing kept acting so screwy.

    I went to my local Sprint store & of course it wouldn't act up for me to show them, but I convinced them that it wasn't behaving properly so they put in for a replacement to ship to me within a couple of days. That night when I got home, I was finally able to get all of the extra stuff off my Treo & since then it's been working fine....except for one little thing - when I get the lid closed about half way, something in the hinge mechanism is causing the menu of whatever app is on the screen to open up. This is just a small thing, but I don't think this has been happening from the start.

    The replacement (a "refurbished", 90 day warranty unit) arrived today, & I checked & it isn't doing the quirky lid thing my original one is doing.

    Has anyone else seen this lid/menu behavior? I'm debating whether to keep my original unit or take the refurbished one & send my original back.
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    Not sure exactly whats going on thats screwey. Recho Echo allow you to write on the screen so that might account for the diagonal lines.

    If you want to delete certain items permanently. After the Hard reset you have two choices.

    1- On the desktop go into your palm or handspring folder. Then go into our user name. Then go into the backup folder. Here u can delete whatever you don't want synced back onto your computer. Of course make a backup copy of the folder in case you get delete happy and need to start over.

    2-in your palm desktop in the sync options turn off the install application option so when you sync it will only sync the data then you can install the programs one by one from their original files.

    hope this helps
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    The behavior I'm still seeing is that when I open or close the lid on my Treo, it's causing the menu of whatever application is on the screen to open up. I'm pretty sure my Treo hasn't been doing this from day 1 - am I the only one this happens to?
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    Search around. You need to loosen one of the screws on the back a quarter turn to solve the button when closing problem.
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    I also think it's RechoEcho. It doesn't screw anything up, you just have to realize how it works and get use to it....or delete it. I know sometimes when I go to tap an "OK" button fast RechoEcho tries to pick it up as a "." or if you try to highlight something to fast it will just draw a line on the screen. RechoEcho is great to have...I only use it about 10% of the time, but it does come in handy. Again you just have to get use to it.
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    Thanks for the advice on loosening a screw - that never occurred to me. The screws were in really tight & I didn't want to wreck them, so I had the tech at the Sprint store do it & it's been fine ever since.

    It's great that it was something so simple!

    In regard to RechoEcho - I used to use grafitti regularly with my previous Visor Edge so I'm familiar with normal graffiti behavior (although I know RechoEcho is a little different) - but what was happening on my Treo when it was installed was definitely not normal. Ever since uninstalling it I haven't been having the same problems so I'm sure it was the culprit. It takes a little time to get used to the keyboard & I miss graffiti a little, but I can live without it.
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    You don't really need it seeing that you have the keyboard. There is no area for Reo and your screen is made just for tapping. Not for graffiti.

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