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    I have been wondering just how common the "misaligned silkscreen area problem" is on the 180g. I have now had five units and they have all developed it.

    Here are two tests:

    1) Write a letter "i" just to the left of the divide between the letter and number parts of the graffiti area. If it comes out as a number "1" you have the problem.

    2) Tap carefully on the point labelled "abc" for bringing up the keyboard. If you get the dropdown menu (and to get the keyboard you have to tap several millimetres to the right of the indicated spot) then you have the problem.

    I would be really interested to know what proportion of 180g users have this problem (which makes graffiti quite a bit harder to use).
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    have a look at what i found in a discussion:

    its sadly a common problem with the 180 g's. i'm on my second one and both had the same misallignments.
    one could think that handspring is trying to put us off graffiti so that we buy their new keyboard version gadgets.
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    Yes indeed - I have emailed that picture to Handspring (who always at least pretend to be surprised by the problem).

    Do you have any idea of the origins of this problem - is it hardware or software? I am just trying the experiment of running the battery on mine completely down since I have heard that cures some phone problems that are not cured by a hard reset and the misalignment problem in my experience is often associated with phone problems.

    People keep talking about getting Handspring to upgrade to one of the later models, but I do find it hard to believe that a funny little keyboard like that is as convenient as graffiti once one has used the latter a bit. And what exactly do you do with the stylus while you are typing with both thumbs? (They say only 10% of Palm OS users ever master graffiti of course - I feel if you are too dim to learn to write in graffiti after an hour of practice you should stick to pen and paper.)

    I do hope somebody produces a decent (i.e. reliable and with a larger screen) version of the Treo - otherwise I can see myself ending up with an XDA or something.
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    i could have guessed, in fact i had a slight feeling that it might have been you with the neatly done graffiti-problem diagram. but we treo users often take part in so many discussions to solve treo problems by ourselves, because handspring hardly ever comes with proper solutions (that is in case they ever bother to respond), that i have lost the overview of the various forums i have been in.
    we in germany are completely left on our own with our treos (handspring has removed direct support from germany, emails are ignored, phone calls to handspring support are expensive). i am now on my second treo and its speakerphone has gone as deaf as the previous one which i got replaced 3 months after buying it. i am holding on to my treo with its defect speakerphone and misalligned graffiti and doing my best to get used to these problems. the speakerphone problem can be solved by using the headset, whereas the graffiti problem can be solved by knowing the faults and graffitying accordingly. i am surprised as to how good i can graffiti on my treo (the worst graffiti surface i have come across). i'll tell you what, treo1980g graffitiers are probably the best graffiti experts by now. i have noticed that when i graffiti on normal palms i am better than ever.
    i guess that by draining your battery completely, you will not manage to solve the graffiti problem becausse i am convinced that it is a hardware problem.
    the sad fact is that palm's "tungsten w" which is about to appear soon and is the better equivalent of the treo, is keyboarded. no more graffiti. i am sad. looks like i'll have to stick to my treo 180g until its bitter end.
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    I should just say that didn't create that picture but copied it from somebody else who had recognised the problem. In fact ErnstB
    (see .

    I notice we have had more or less this converstion before (how life seems to be repeating) when I posted on this:

    I still think the future is with handwriting recogition (with graffiti a step on the way). If we are going towards keyboards then I think stylus operation is better - or even "messagease" ( if you haven't seen this interesting idea - I keep meaning to load it and check whether it too is misaligned after the standard treo graffiti area problem).

    I worry about Handspring - they seem to be retrenching fast on all fronts.

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