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    Originally posted by pbryon
    Isn't there something in Amazon's policy about not being liable for pricing errors if the sale originated through a third party?
    Read the previous posts.
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    It sure sounds like we have a lot of very morally sound people in this forum. Good for you!

    I wish that I could say the same of myself. I own a Treo 300 and am very happy with the product. Do I need another phone? Nope. Do I want another phone? Same answer. Am I curious to see if this will work? You betcha!

    What will I do with this phone if the transaction actually goes through? Haven't really made a firm decision on that. Debating wheter to give it to a friend since he has Treo envy .
    However all of this is irrelevant because you and I both know that the transaction will obviously be cancelled.

    Fuming and posting that people are of questionable character is completely absurd. I would imagine that the others who are buying (nice choice of words don't you think......hey it did cost some time )the phone through this process are as curious as I.

    If I get charged the full amount.....that's a lesson I will have to remember. If I don't, well that's a lesson for someone else.

    I have enough troubles overcoming my own limitations without fretting over the fact that God has not seen fit to distribute evenly the gift of intelligence
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    Originally posted by nberggren
    There is a known "issue" with and cookies. There are ways to tweak the cookie that reads to alter prices on the website.

    There was a similar hack for a Samsung S105 phone a while back. No one got anything from that but a cancelation email.

    Good luck, but don't hold you breath.
    Here is link that describes the glitch

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    Here is link that describes the glitch
    so all we are going to get is a cancelation email. no big thing. most of us already have treos
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    Just got the cacellation email:

    Greetings from

    We are writing regarding your recent order for a cell phone which was
    placed through a link on an Associate web site. If you
    have already written to us regarding this order, please note that you
    will not receive a separate response.

    Due to a technical error, the phone(s) you ordered had been mistakenly
    displayed with a price of $0.00:

    "PCS Phone Handspring Treo 300 (Sprint)"

    In accordance with our posted policies on pricing, we are unable to
    offer this item(s) for the incorrectly displayed price. Therefore, we
    have cancelled your order for the phone(s). We sincerely apologize
    for any inconvenience.

    Because of the additional information required to process orders for
    cell phones and service, at this time we are unable to offer the
    option to order this phone through an Associates site. However, you
    are welcome to place a new order for this phone by visiting our web

    Please note that service plans vary in price by both carrier and
    geographic location, and phones vary in price based upon the service
    plan with which they are combined. Without a service plan, the cell
    phone's price will be more expensive than a phone with a service plan.

    Please note: this e-mail was sent from a notification-only address
    that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this

    Again, we regret any inconvenience this may have caused. We value
    your business and hope to see you again soon at


    Customer Service Department
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    Received mine also..........HOOOORAAAAAAY for Amazon

    It was sure fun while it lasted......
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    got mine letter too. I'll keep it forever.
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    Amazon used to give gift certificates when they messed up on the prices.

    I guess they mess up too often now.
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