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    On every cell phone created in the modern era, text paging has a selectable tone, in many cases these can be set quite loud and long. This was done so that the cell phone could completely replace the function of the pagers we all used to carry.

    On the Treo 300, there appears to be only the modest message tone when an SMS message is recieved. There has been a lot of discussion on ringtones, but I am more interested in getting a strong/long/loud paging sound when I recieve a text message.

    Is anyone working on this, is there a way to do this?
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    You're pretty much screwed like the rest of us.

    Welcome to the club.

    As far as I know, your best option is to get TreoAlertMgr, which can nag you about it. Cause it to beep again every 10 seconds until you finally notice it. Of course, the nag rings are no louder than the first, so you may not notice those either, but they're a lot lot lot lot better than one lone isolated ring.
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    Allows you to change SMS tones, according to default plus 9 additional configurable triggers, on your Sprint Treo 300.

    Since we use SMS alerts for critical system outages, mine is the most annoying noisy tone I can find.
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    The new release of TreoAlertMgr allows for customized tones. I can hear the message reminders going off on the other side of my house upstairs. Works for me.
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    treohelper is sweet!!!! you not only can customize your sms tone with any of your ringtones in the radio but can also set your screen to not turn off and so many other features. Nice job

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