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    Has anyone used the TREO 300 Scientific Calculator for Calculus functions? Is it usable or would a normal TI 83 be better?

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    im sure theres a graphing advanced calc app

    i would need it for next year but either way Im sure it cost money
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    check out the caculators @
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    I've found infinitys programs to be very cool - and perhaps useful out of class - but I am in calculus myself right now, and have found the Ti-83 so much more useful. The interface is very nice on the calculator because of the 40+ buttons, and everyone knows how to do things if you need help. It has BASIC built in to make your own programs, etc - actually i don't need to explain this.

    But in the long run, i found after trying to use the two (actually i used the infinity software for analysis, this year im using only my TI), the TI is just better at math. Some devices are great to be alone. You have a backpack - the TI fits fine in the backpack - it is not like you have to carry it in your pocket.

    Maybe this isn't yhe best post, and my logic is flawed right now... I'll try to post more/better etc tommorow when im not dead tired.
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