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    I might be crazy... But I dont really want a slip or case to protect my treo... Its too much for me. BUT I won't deny the fact that this is easily the most fragile phone or pda I have ever owned. I want to apply something to it to protect it slightly instead of using an entire case or slip... What do you guys think of this? Could I apply some sort of adhesive or goo or something to the corners, sides, hinges to protect it a little from a drop? Or am I just being ridiculous.
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    My only worry would be that some of the holes and cracks on a PDA or cell phone are for ventilation. I still remember how much warmer my Visor got when it was in its Vaja case as opposed to just being out in the open in my pocket. Despite only being the speed of a 486, those chips do still get quite warm and I actually remember a warning on the operating manual of some other PDA warning against blocking certain holes on the back. Just my word of warning and I don't back it up since it is just a thought.
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    I'm continually amazed by the creative things that some people think of. I once used an old bike tire tube wrapped around my bike's chain stay to protect and quiet it from chain slap. Made my bike look like the Michelin Man.

    Oops, sorry, I guess I got a little off topic. Let me bring it back to Treo-related stuff. Uhm . . . OK, got it!

    I don't use commercial screen protectors on my Treo. I left the clear, plastic, peel off strip on the front of my flip lid and took the one from the back and reapplied it to the screen. Now the window and the screen are protected. They're a little cloudy, but you get used to that fast. How thoughtful of Handspring to provide us with free screen protectors!

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    I don't think it would do much for the looks of your Treo. ;-) That stuff even looks bad on running shoes!

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