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    Up until this weekend I had a great system working. I had setup through my hosting company a mailing list where if someone sent an e-mail to me, 1 copy would be sent to my SMS address for my TREO and the other to my POP mailbox. Each time someone sent me an e-mail I would get an SMS message with the first 100 or so characters - it was great and then I would open up SnapperMail and download the e-mail. Unfortunately, Rogers AT&T here in Canada has done something to their SMS servers to restrict the size of the messages being sent to the servers because any large message (from what I've seen greater than 5KB) gets bounced back to the user saying the message was not sent. Now I would still receive the message through the POP e-mail but my SMS notification system stopped working. I have tried to speak with customer support at Rogers and no one knows what they are talking about and isn't helping me out.

    I would love to get this working again. I think that automatic checking like in SnapperMail is good, but it drains the battery, uses KB (for those of us that can't get unlimited) and isn't instantaneous like the SMS Notification was. I tried using TreoMail because they have SMS Notification - but I found it was working all the time and I don't like the software - I much prefer SnapperMail.

    Anyone with any suggestions or ideas? Wouldn't it be great if there was a server that we could all direct our e-mail through that would send the first 100 characters (small SMS) to our SMS e-mail address and also keep a copy on our POP server. Maybe PDAApps would be able to provide a service like this. I would even pay to use the sever for a year if it was able to accomplish this.
    Darren Greenspoon
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    I had the same problem when I was with Rogers. I switched to Fido.
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    while I see the advantage of receiving the first 100 chars of an e-mail, maybe an SMS with the subject line of new e-mails might help. At least in Germany this is a fairly common service offered by providers.

    My provider in Germany offers to send me an SMS every time I receive an e-mail -- but charges a ridiculous 19 Euro cents (about 17 US cents) per SMS. Which buy me about 50 KB IP-traffic with Vodafone in Germany, so GPRS always-on is definitely better for my purposes.

    But if you need SMS notification, another provider than Rogers might help...

    Ciao, Marcus
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    I found a great tool you might want to use if you have an always-on connection:

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