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    I just got my treo 90 and I have been syncing it to a PC for the past week without any problems. When I connecct it to my iBook via a USB-cradle and push the hot sync button, it starts the sync process but never gets beyond the first screen. I cannot cancel the operation, and the treo literally freezes up. I am running OS 10.2.2 and I use the Palm desktop 4.0 software found on the apple website. I have performed several soft resets and one system reset, to no avail. What gives? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Did you install the handspring Palm Desktop and HotSync 4.0 updater?
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    as AMB mentioned, you need to install the HS version of Palm Desktop 4.0. I had the same problem and it completely resolved itself after I uninstalled the Palm version and then installed the Handspring one.
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    Thanks. I uninstalled the palm version and downloaded the handspring version of the desktop software and it worked like a charm! I appreciate your help!

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