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    I've been researching to try and find the "right" case for me. I wanted something that clipped to your belt and could hold cards and/or cash. I found the following at E&B Cases:

    ...but I don't completely trust these guys. I got one for my VisorPhone and within a couple of months the clip broke off. I sent a picture to them asking what to do and never heard back from them. Any recommendations?
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    I would buy that case.... But it sez not for treo 300... I wonder why it will fit the other treos but not the 300... Any ideas?
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    Am I the only one who says HUH?!? to the Slipper Treo design. You can't flip open the lid! Or am I missing something..
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    1. How many pockets does this thing have?
    2. does it let you open the lid w/o removing from case?

    I had a PERFECT wallet from swiss army / victorinox for my palmV and have been looking for a wallet for something similar for the treo300...

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