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    I've been thinking over the last couple of days that it's really annoying that we can't use the phone and the data at the same time. Seems to me an easy solution would be to implement voice-over-IP for the voice side and just make the Treo a data device.

    Anyone have an argument why this wouldn't work or be cost prohibitive to Sprint ?
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    well the first thing is when I am in calls, I can get and send messages, I know this for sure at least getting msgs, sending it may wait until I hang up but I get messages while on the phone.

    Now to VOIP, do you have any idea what you are saying?? do you have any clue to what is involved to setup a high speed wireless NATIONWIDE network that allows for voip?? there are 100's of problems with that right now, #1 cost, #2 no phones can handle voip other then a PPC due to processor limits, the 3g data network is no where near close to fast enough and reliable enough. there is no back end infostructure for that

    your 5 years ahead of your time
    home phone will be Ip phones before cell phones are
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    I kind of figured this was the answer. Just an idea. What e-mail program are you using that you can use the data and voice at the same time ? I know I can get text messages at the same time, but never voice and data...
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    Nextel claims that their cell network is 100% packet data. I'm sure it's not TCP-IP, but still.

    I don't know why VoIP would be so difficult theoretically--other than the TCP-IP overhead, which only adds 15%, it seems to me that the data bandwidth requirements should be roughly the same for a given level of quality.

    If you want to have a general-purpose processor do the conversion it might take more horsepower than a Dragonball processor has, but digital cell phones already convert the analog mic into 9kbps or 14kbps digital streams. I don't know why putting that digital stream into a network protocol would be so difficult.

    I think it's more a lack of desire than anything else.
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