I had a problem the other day. My Jabra earpiece wasn't working and so I switched back to the Treo earpiece. I couldn't get that to work but I noticed that it wasn't seating all the way in. I tried pushing it in but it wouldn't go. I quickly grabbed the Jabra earpiece and looked at the plug. Sure enough the plug was missing a portion. I grabbed a magnifying glass and look into the hole and saw a little brass rod. I atempted to pull it out using a very small tweezers. After hours of fruitless attempts I opened up the Treo to see if I could push it from the back. The earplug module is closed in the back so it did not help. I tried using superglue and the partial plug of the Jabra but no luck. I went to the crafts store searching for anything I could use. I bought some micro paintbrushes and pulled out the hair and tried to use the small cylinder to surround the post but no luck.
Finally I went to Sprint and they said the only thing they can do is sent me a new Treo and when I recieve it I shipped back this one.
I'm still trying to get it out since I would rather keep this one since it runs perfectly. (I read so many of these post that people have problems I don't want to exchange a good one for a bad one.
A NOTE OF CAUTION. If you're ear piece is not working before you stick a different one in check to see if the old one has a complete plug. I believe when I try pushing the other earplug in I oushed the partial piece deeper into the hole and wedged it tight.