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    I've had my Treo 300 for only three days. I went shopping today in a strip mall. It seemed like the Treo would go dead everytime I entered a store and walked past the security sensors. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks in advance
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    i know when i go to costco and see something i want to ask the wife about, i have to walk out the front door to the parking lot to make a call. my at&t phone worked inside... but i still love my treo!!
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    Most of these problems are directly related to how close you are to a Sprint PCS tower site. My guess is that most tower sites have a coverage of only 2 to 5 miles, and much much less in heavy urban environments. Let's face it, you are carrying a small two way radio with marginal transmitter can't expect great range. The secret to most carrier's success is HOW MANY tower sites they have, and where they are located. In my town, of approx. 6 square miles, an island, we have a centrally located 100 foot water tank. On top are antennas belonging to Nextel, T-Mobile, and Cingular....Therefore, anybody with service from these three carriers, get GREAT reliability and signal coverage in town. However, SPRINT PCS nearest tower site is about 5 miles away in the next town over....I get marginal coverage with plenty of spotty data transfers and dropped voice calls.
    I find that SPRINT PCS's coverage map as shown on their web site, is overly optimistic, if not an outright lie.

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    I think your definition of "dead" needs to be refined to get the most feedback that is relevant to your question.

    The two posts I see here seem to relate to signal retention of the unit--and subsequently losing the signal when going in to buildings.

    I took your post to mean that you have to reset the unit when going into stores that have the theft prevention devices installed. I hadn't connected it to signal retention. (I presumed the Treo stopped functioning altogether.)

    So, which issue are you trying to solve?


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