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    Hello rowdy bunch...
    I am soliciting ideas for my Treo 270, so please be generous.
    What are the coolest apps you are using and recommending to use with a Treo (in any area)?
    Thanks much,
    m00se (on the l00se)
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    My absolute favorite is Scrabble. I knew this was a winner when my wife, who hates gadgets, agreed to play scrabble with me on my phone (and is now regular treo fan). A very, very good implementation of the game.

    I also get raves from the video part of Fireviewer. Gets more wow factor than still photos.

    Another great app to show off the Treo, as well as highly practical for some of us, is the freeware TideTool.

    Along those lines, Planetarium is a great app, but appeals more to the astronomy buff. Everybody else's eyes sort of glaze over, as they don't know exactly why it is so well done.

    I have zeroed in on SnapperMail as the best of class email app for my purposes. The periodic fetch is a winner.

    My son loved the picture of the Christmas Tree he made in BugMe that reminded me to water said tree every morning last month. Very handy when needed.

    Intelligolf is terrific if you are trying to whittle down your index or tend to gamble on the links a bit. But you have to convince your buddies that it does not cheat on the wagers.

    Chess Tiger and Chess Timer for chess players.

    Essential utilities:
    cell plan tracker
    wordcomplete (newest version works with Treo)
    undupe (if you need this you are dead without it)
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    The converter from .MID files to System_Ring_Tones.

    The explanation of each file can be found in the General Discussion Forum.
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    Originally posted by zamiv
    I assume that is a program which synchronizes the time. Is that needed on a 270?

    On my 300 it has an option for syncing with network time, which has been subsecond accurate. Go to Prefs, General, tap on Set Time and see if you have the option.
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    My favorite apps:

    Today ( - Freeware**
    FingerDial (**
    MetrO ( - Freeware
    LauncherX (
    Weatherman (
    2bAMail ( - Freeware beta version**
    eWallet (
    Xmaster ( - Freeware
    Treo Alert Manager (http://www.<a href="</a>)
    Treo Tools (**
    2xCalc (**
    Agendus (**
    JackFlash (

    (**: My favorite, favorite apps)

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