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    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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    How about just plain, normal ringtones?
    I'd love to change my default ringtone with something louder that I can still use at work. Looked around and couldn't find anything like it.
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    Aaron -

    Would love to buy these since you already included my fav. song (You Shook me All Night Long). Only problem is that Ringo stinks and I don't know when TCRinger will be out (Any ieas?).

    I have the beta songs and think you deserve cash for the fun it provides!

    Now for the song suggestions:

    AC/DC - Highway to Hell
    George Thorugood - Bad to the Bone
    Guns 'N' Roses - Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle
    Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA
    Rolling Stones - Riders on the Storm

    The less than hard stuff:

    The US National Anthem (needs to be rich sounding to honor our country)
    The Flight of the Valkeries

    Thanks a bunch!

    - Aaron
    <b>The difficult is easy, the impossible takes time.</b>
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    thanks for the suggestions. i put them on the list. the US anthem will definitely be in the next group, its been the #1 request. (BTW, riders on the storm is the doors, not the stones, but an excellent idea. the opening piano solo should work great)

    as for ringo, i think 'stinks' is a little strong. one of the main issues with ringo causing lots of resets was because the tones out there were way too long but nobody had bothered to find out. that got a little better when i first made my tones because i had made them shorter mainly because musically i felt that parts of tones were best for ringtones.

    that helped a lot, and it helped even more when scott (developer of tcringer) actually bothered to go to handspring and get their recommended specs for length and file size.

    the last remaining issue with tcringer that is keeping it from going public is that songs that are still within handspring's parameters can still cause a soft reset (scott says he can consistently get it to happen with 'lambada' in my collection after playing it 8 times or more. i can't stand to listen to it more than 6 so i have not been able to reproduce the reset. i think he's being overly cautious but he's the one who has to think of his rep and the support calls) he is waiting for a response from handspring to see if he can get rid of the problem completely.

    the other issues with ringo, which i never had, seemed to happen when folks had a bunch of hacks and other complex software installed. i never had much trouble with it, certainly not enough to have taken it off if i had not been beta testing tcringer.
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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