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    I have moved to the states to work for my company for a few months and find that my 270 will not get any servive here at all if I put my sim in my T68, that i hate using , I get T-mobile straight away. Does any body know if the 270s That are sold in the UK diffrent in any way to the ones in the US?
    Dave Porter
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    That's odd...I haven't tried Treo yet in Europe but the related Visor Phone always worked seamlessly in the UK, France, Italy, etc. It's a dual band phone; it should work just by turning it on and searching for a network, but perhaps there is something different in doing it in reverse. Here's one possibility: When I, for the sake of experimenting, chose "select network" in the USA using my USA based phone, it showed me an alternate network. I am a customer of T-Mobile. It offered me AT&T. When I tried to register with ATT's network and select it, I was refused a connection. I assume that is because I am not an ATT customer and they are in competition in the area with T-Mobile. I wonder if something similar to that has some effect on you. I'm not sure however why you would then be able to connect on your T68.
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    I have tried the select network option and the reply is no operators avaiable. This sucks. A phone that works fantastically in the whole of europe has now become essentially an organiser I could have paid $100 and got a crappy zire for that!! What is the matter with these companys why dont they just make all their products tri band and be done with it. ericssson dont seem to have a problem doing it ! Thumbs down Handspring. dont they think that anybody in europe may want to use their 270 in the USA as a phone !!!
    Dave Porter
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    You can use the US Treos in the UK, but you can't use the UK Treos in the US - different frequencies. There's a good thread on it somewhere in here....
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    Why would that be? Are the UK treos not dual bands? If they are dual bands, the frequencies should be the same.

    P.s.....there is an interesting utility on Handspring's site called radio reset prc----it jogs the Treo's ability to log onto and register with networks. While your problem doesn't sound quite identical, the patch is free, small and easy to install and helped me with some of Treo's known problems registering with networks. Couldn't hurt to try. Of course, if ALli is right and you don't have a dual band phone, it won't help for sure.
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    Here's a link to the thread with all the answers to the network stuff:

    Hope that helps answer your question, even if it means you're stuck Treo-less in the states.
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    Thanks that explains it fully. I will look at the radio reset prc but the thread that alli gave me explians my problem exactly Looks like i will have to wait for a tri band version to come out (not likley) or wait and switch sides to a palm tungsten w when they come out.They are tri band. and then put my dual band treo on ebay. Thanks for the help

    Dave Porter
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    Or just dump the UK model and get the US model.
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    good point but then i am on the orange network in the UKthat needs the uk version to work over there and i am only here for a couple of months leaving me with 2 treo 270s defeating the point of having one organiser/phone that does it all
    Dave Porter
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    Reading between the lines here....

    I presume we're saying that the network you're on is the new frequency in the UK and to accomdate that Handspring sold a dual band phone that supports the two frequencies used in Europe (the old, and the new), but not the USA frequency. (Whereas the American dual band treos support the USA frequency AND the older Euro standard).

    I wonder if it is at least possible to get a UK Treo configured for one USA/One Euro frequency as opposed to a dual band 2-Euro frequencies? Idle curiosity more than anything else I suppose, but it illustrates what I was talking about in another thread---Treo is very pricey and billed as state of the art, but it doesn't support tri-band or a variety of other things that are already here.
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    thats right orange uses the new 1800 not the 900 and in the us orange phones use the 1900 so i am as they say f*****d i think the only way is a new tungsten w as i said earlier
    Dave Porter

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