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    Okay, I've had my Treo 300 for a month now. Every time I connect it is at only 300. When I am signing on I press the scroll down key to get this information. Does this mean I am only getting 300 baud?! I read about the scroll down trick here on Treo Central and the person who wrote the article said he was connecting at 9600. What are others seeing? Can anyone tell me if I can get a better connection? Thanks.
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    I got 300 as well, but that's probably just a connect speed which is variable once connected. Or, it could mean nothing at all. Laptop users say winxp reports a 9600 connect, but that is incorrect. The string is just "connect" which xp interprets to mean connect 9600.

    And the frequency of timeouts that nrosser says started after thanksgiving was probably just sprint getting ready to overbook it's servers. Overbooking used to be a common practice with small time dialup providers. They would sell more accounts for which they had modems. A ratio that comes to mind was 10 users for every 1 modem on the isp side, and kicking users off every three hours. (glad those days are gone)
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    Thanks drw. Do you how I can check how fast I'm actually going? I've seen people throw out speeds they're getting (44K, etc.). I know there are websites that calculate speeds for pc's but what about Treo's? I tried dslreports but I think it requires java.

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