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    What do I have to do to be able to go to Hotmail and AOL and get my emails?

    It shows "Document contains no Data" when I try to get on to Hotmail (doesn't even let me get on.)

    With AOL, I can get on the site (, but when I put in the username, it says "Assigned" and then only lets me get a page that says "Document contains no Data".

    HELP please! Thanks.
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    You need to add AOL 3.0 for palm:

    See the following thread for Hot Mail on Blazer:
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    i use pocketflash for aol mail. not as pretty as aol software, and not much cheaper either, but very efficient and quick.
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    Onemail does both. You can get the demo at PalmGear.

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    Onemail is pretty good for Hotmail but it relies upon your desktop computer to get to the Internet and then places the mails in the Palm Mail application.

    The best URL for Hotmail access in Blazer is: I found this in Handsprings support website by searching for the word hotmail.

    AOL access is good thru the paid application from AOL Anywhere: They charge $19.95 for the software and it works very well under GPRS and 1xRTT connections.

    The other good contender is to access all kinds of accounts including Hotmail and AOL via a Blazer interface. The disadvantage is that you only have access while connected and cannot work on your mail offline.
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    Does anyone else find it odd that AOL believes they should have an ability to charge for a client to access their paid service?

    It would be one thing if they gave an ability to use off the shelf applications (read: POP/IMAP) to access their mail system. But to actually charge for an application that does this (as well as the IMs) is ludicrous in my opinion.


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