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    I am looking for a treo 90 for a family member. I went to electronics store and they didnt have them in stock. they told me that the treo 90 is a close-out item and will soon be marked that way. I am curious if any one else has heard that, or similar information
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    FWIW, no, I've heard no such thing. Note: I've spent considerable time during the holiday period trying to chase info on any new Treos, but came up empty.

    Maybe I'm biased, but given the love affair between the media, users and the Treo, I find it hard to believe it will be phased out anytime in the near future-- especially since Handspring took the time and effort to release a patch recently, giving the T90 **full** SDIO features. Perhaps the sales person was "just a twee" misinformed (shock )

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    Also, Best Buy has hiked their price on the 90 back up to $299 and ended their $199 special. They wouldn't do that if it were being discontinued.
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    HS learned a valuable lesson when they announced they'd be phasing out PDAs and dropping the Springboard before they already had replacements on the market. Their first quarter sales last year took a huge hit. I doubt they would start the phaseout of a Treo until a replacement were already on the market. Since there's no new Treo PDA out yet, I think the rumor is just a rumor.
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    The question is, will Handspring continue the Treo 90 line? With the continued comments from Ed and Donna about leaving the organizer segment and concentrating solely on communicators, one has to wonder what their plans are for the 90. I've been using the Treo 90 since they were released and, despite some shortcomings, I have found it to be my favorite pda. While the communicator concept is a great one, many pda consumers can't use them effectively. I travel a great deal for my job and a Treo communicator won't work for me. I'd love to see a bluetooth, or WiFi, enabled Treo organizer with Hi-Res and OS-5.
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    The "leaving the PDA market" talk started last January, months before the 90 was released. Handspring continues to maintain the "drop PDAs when the market need drops off" stance. And the 90 has been selling reasonably well, so hopefully they'll take this as a sign the need has not dropped off yet. I don't think it will soon, if at all. We're not the only two who really haven't felt the need for a communcator yet.
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    $0.02 worth...
    I called a Best Buy to see if they had any 90s in stock, and was also told they were discontinued. I went to a different Best Buy, where they didn't have any on display, and made them check for me, and they had 5 in stock and nobody realized it. Something about thier price codes had them as discontinued products. I say don't trust Best Buy employees as a reliable source...
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    HS is notoriuosly quiet about a new product launch. But I can't imagine they'd have discontinued the 90 without releasing a replacement PDA first.
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    Also, Best Buy has hiked their price on the 90 back up to $299 and ended their $199 special. They wouldn't do that if it were being discontinued.
    It's back down to $199 on 8 Jan 2003.
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    Best buy is also where i was told and it seems odd to me that best buy is only get in small shipments in 3-5 at a time? seems unusual to me
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    Originally posted by jbletheby
    Best buy is also where i was told and it seems odd to me that best buy is only get in small shipments in 3-5 at a time? seems unusual to me
    That's not an unreasonable number, really; when I was out trolling for an iPAQ 1910 recently (not to get too far off-subject), and out of 6 different Best Buy's, 5 of them told me that they only ordered 5 units...and this is 2 days after hte 1910 was announced!

    My point is that PDA sales still aren't as high as a lot of people think, so I think Best Buy is pretty cautious in their ordering...
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    Hmmmmmmm . . . ya might wanna take a peek at the following thread in the "General Chat" section of these boards:

    Be sure to review all posts, esp. toward the bottom. 3G, eh? Hmmmmmmmmm. Drool Alert!
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    The Treo 90 is also listed as a "Closout" item on Amazon. What's going on?
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    Staples has them at $199 in the flyer this week, and it says, "limited quantities". And I think it mentions no rainchecks.

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    A co-worker's palm died yesterday so we ended up adding treo shopping to our road trip, with good success.

    Best Buy in jackson MS had the 90 priced at $199. But were sold out, the circuit city next door was $299 but pricematched Best Buy.

    So you can pick one up for 199 if you haggle a bit.
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    HHC magazine has just confirmed that the Treo 90 is discontinued as well as the treo 180. Handspring no longer offers those on there website.

    My question is does anyone know what they are offering in their place.

    any thoughts or facts(especially)
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    But it is no longer available at Handspring......

    From Brighthand:
    The Treo 90 now appears on the Handspring page with the note "No longer available directly from Handspring," a very strong indication that this model has been discontinued. Staples is now offering it for $200, which is $100 off the list price.

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    Apparently, the source for the article is the same conf call that's started this rumor a few weeks ago. Following the article on HHC's PDABuzz MB site was a note that someone listened (again) to the entire call and (again) didn't find a statement that they were officially discontinued. I checked the HS site an hour ago and there's no official release on it.

    While we all know that HS will leave the PDA biz when communicators are more popular, that's obviously a ways off (since the Zire is largest selling handheld in the world and was only released 4 months ago.)

    For all I know the 90 and 180 have been discontinued, but HS has NOT made it official. And HS is always full of surprises, like when they announced they would be getting out of the PDA market and 4 months later released the 90.
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    4 and half minutes into the earnings conference the CEO says they're selling out the TREO 90 and 180.

    38 minutes into the earnings conference during the Q&A the CEO is asked "When are you out of the organizer business" and she answers "This quarter".

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    I've had my Treo90 for about 5 months and now the screen is broken. Since I have a screen protection plan w/ Staples, they'll refund my purchase price on a Staples Gift Card so I can buy a replacement unit. But, since there's no 90's available at Staples -- I guess I'll have to get a different unit. Anybody have anything good or bad to say about the Tungston T?

    So for me -- no more 90!
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