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    I know a few on the people on developer MB I frequent who have them. All seem very happy, especially with the increased speed.

    The drawbacks to the unit are that the collapsable graffiti area requires one more step. Many have opted for on-screen graffiti apps. OS5 will only run a few hacks and you'll need Tealmaster (I think that's the one) to do it. Many apps are not completely OS5 functional yet either. Might want to check to make sure the software you use most often is compatible.

    Palm just dropped the price to $400 on their website. Don't know if Staples has picked up on that yet.
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    Many sites have declared the 90 and 180 dead- but we are still holding out. Mainly becuase we dont want to see the 90 go, but also becuase Handspring has said to us that they are still not discontinued...
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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