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    First thanks for all the info in this discussion. It is pretty amazing.

    Question 1 - Does anyone know how to have the screen and the keyboard stay on when the treo is being charged? Making calls in the car at night can be a challenge.

    Question 2 - I have had the treo for about two weeks without any problems. All of a sudden tonight when I went to connect to the web it had a long pause as it tried to sign-on and the connect and at the end it came to the "Palm powered screen" and then to the preference screen like it had been restarted. Has anyone seen this?

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    The answer to the first question is you need to depress the 'on' button near the antenna twice in succession and the backlit keyboard will stay on.

    The answer to your second question is yes, I've had the same rhing happen to me-no big deal. Didn't lose any information. Hope that helps!
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    as for the lights: they are controlled by the power botton.
    One press turns the PDA on and off. when it is on, the screen should remain illuminated. However, there is an auto off feature that is controlled under prefs -> general, but there is no way to disable AS FAR AS I CAN TELL. there maybe a hack to do around these boards.
    Two presses turns on the keyboard (which dims the screen).
    This info is in the manual.

    as for your reboot problem: this is extensively discussed here, although i forget which threads. when you use a program that accesses data it automatically conects to the data network (or it is set to automatically connect from the network prefs: prefs -> network -> preferences). when the treo can't get a connection to the sprint data network (for a multitude of reasons) it forces the system to reboot. this happens occasionally to often and is unpredictable. I haven't seen it happen where i am in a while.

    hope that helps
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    the program"oncradleon" keeps the screen on while phone is charging. it's freeware to boot!
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    How do you reassign the second level button?

    I want to assign treomail to control envelop. manuel shows how to reassign the memo level but not city time.

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    Try Buttons-T. It's free.
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    This is exactly what I needed.

    Any one looking here is a link for a freeware site with oncradleon

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