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    call notes is awesome, when I think about it. almost every time i get off the phone (business calls) theres somthing i need to write down like , download X email Y.

    so I can take notes but that above app is sweeet, small stuff like that makes me want a ppc
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    I wish the Treo had a voice recorder. It seems like something so simple not to have included it. I'd love to be able to take a quick voice note, rather than have to flip it open and start typing. Everyone looks at me like I'm playing a Gameboy or something.
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    im pretty sure that my '6035 could even dothat, why cant the $500 treo!??!?
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    Originally posted by quake8
    im pretty sure that my '6035 could even dothat, why cant the $500 treo!??!?
    Because you used too many punctuation marks.
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    There are various apps that let you take notes during a call (or otherwise), and attach them to contacts, etc - PhoneLog by HandsHigh Software and PocketJournal by Chapura, among others. Do a search at Handango or PalmGear and see what you think.
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    I use Daynotez by Natara ( to take notes both on the Treo and on it's accompanying PC version. The notes can be categorized any way you like it (for instance, i have a "phonecall" category). Comes in very handy while I'm on a call, and it synchs up just fine with the PC version. I've assigned "option(blue-button) - emailbutton" (using button-t) to Daynotez, and it pops right up while i'm on the call.

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