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    When using any of my PQA's that require a location and give a choice of entering an address or just checking neasest or home, I always get a unable to find message when I check nearest. Some return a zip code of 00000, which leads me to guess that I have to enter something somewhere on my device or Sprint does not distinguish between server locations so it is unknown where I am using the service. Any ideas?
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    PQA's were intended for Palm VII users who used the service over the Bellsouth data network. One of the features of that network was the ability to read the ZIP code of the tower you were communicating with. The Palm could then send that ZIP to an application to use in locaton-based PQA's. Since the Sprint network does not support this feature (at least, not in a way that is exposed to developers), location-based parts of PQAs will not work.

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