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    How does email work on the Treo300? What happens if the email has an attachment? Can I view my inbox from any PC? If I receive mail on the Treo is it still availble via PC? Do I get a new address or can I use my existing address?


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    It all depends upon on which e-mail client you are using. There are some excellent posts in the "communications" forum. I suggest you do a search.
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    On a Treo you have 2 types of email systems: Thin Clients and Fat Clients.

    TreoMail and Aileron are examples. These guys use an proxy server to convert the email to smaller "bite sized chunks" for your Treo to handle. Benefits are that you save usage on your unlimited bandwidth account (hee hee). TreoMail doesn't handle attachments but Aileron will convert any desktop attachment to the Palm version much like your conduit would do. One on the Treo, it's essntially a Palm version and you won't be able to share it with your laptop. The price of this conversion service is pass down to you in the form of yearly fees.

    These guys duplicate what happens on your Desktop. They talk directly to your mail server (unlike the THIN guys which rely on the proxy to do the fetch). Examples are Eudora and SnapperMail. SnapperMail is the only app available on Treos (OS3.5) that can work with diverse types attachments. In SnapperMail we store everything in desktop format and give it to other apps to open in raw form. We rely on other apps to decode and open the attachments just like you need MSOffice to open MS Word attachments on your desktop. With this method, you can easily beam files between SnapperMail and you Laptop. You can beam to SnapperMail to send and you can beam received files to your laptop to store/read/edit. The FAT guys need bandwidth, but are generally MUCH more cost effective by negating the service charges.

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