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    I am interested in buying the Treo 300 but hear that it won't sync with Palm 4.01-true? Also, I now sync my Palm m515 with my Yahoo! page using Intellisync for Yahoo! Yahoo! has my calendar and address book and can be accessed anywhere. Will this work with the Treo or will I have to reorganize my life through Outlook or the Palm desktop?
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    The Treo 300 syncs just fine with Palm 4.01 desktop. You can also sync with yahoo via intellisync for your calendar ... contacts... etc. It's a snap.
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    i use yahoo and the 300. as far as i am concerned, email reminders and a synced calendar wherever i am was worth the price of the treo!

    works great. once you install intellisync for yahoo, the treo syncs with yahoo every time you use hotsync, as long as you are connected to the web at the time.
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