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    This is what I happened upon by pure mistake. Staples has Action Names 4.5x on sale for $4.50, register on (don't worry about the deviceid, there is none, just register your license [the serial number on the back of the cd slip]) and you can upgrade to Agendus 5.53 for free!!!! I think everyone in Staples thought I was kinda weird when I whooped for joy. There was only one left at the Staples down the street after I bought one so I suggest you hurry on down there now. Now I have Agendus for my Treo and Clie (all for 4 bucks!!!!!!!).

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    Great score! If possible, could you check your receipt and post the skew number for this product. My local Staples doesn't have any left in stock, and having a skew number handy when I call around will really help my search.



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