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    Got my 270 last week. Downloaded and installed Treo Mail. Unable to use it with O2 email servers. I suspect that O2 mail servers are only allowing access from O2 (BT) telephone lines (and TreoMail Centre will be dialling out on something else I presume) . . . . . I managed to get Treo Mail working fine with Yahoo and another email that I use but I really want it working with my O2 email as O2 send me free SMS email alerts. Anyone on here successfully running Treo Mail with O2 in the uk? If so . . . how? Is there an alternative GPRS POP3 email application I could use other than Treo Mail? (preferably free!)
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    I am also having difficulty setting up email via GPRS. I get a "socket busy" error when attempting to connect. My attempts to discuss the issue with O2 is frustrating because I don't speak German/Deutsche well enough and they are only set up to support the XDA.
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    Have you got the addresses of the O2 mail server set OK? I have no problem accessing by POP3 ( from non BT ISPs by landline or mobile.

    If O2 sends you SMS alerts anyway, you needn't use Treo Mail and could dial up directly using a seperate network connection and mail program. Have you got web browsing working OK? If not, try these O2 dialup settings:-
    Connection: ISDN
    Username: O2wap
    Password: password
    Phone: 915000

    Under Details/Advanced:

    IP Address: Automatic
    Query DNS: No
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

    The last settings are because I could not get the Treo to pickup the DNS automatically by using Query DNS, (e.g. requests to would come back as "unknown server"), but putting the DNS values in manually fixed that for both email and browsing.

    Incidentally, I too used to use the free SMS mail alerts on O2 but stopped when they threatened to start charging for each alert last September. Are they doing them for them free again?
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    Well I used to be on BTInternet (OpenWorld) and they started charging for SMS notification but O2 seems to be a different thing and as far as I can tell the SMS email notifications are free for now!

    Well I gave up on TreoMail and installed SnapperMail which is excellent . . . . still on trial but I will almost certainly register and pay for it when the time comes. And I dont use O2 I am connecting to another ISP which works fine. The O2 server is really hopeless . . .it takes forever to access it with the web-based email front end (and I have broadband) and there are so many bad reports about it so I have left well alone . . . I auto-forward copies of all my emails to my O2 account just to trigger the free SMS and then I use Snappermail to check any I want to read, and I use my PC-based POP3 (Outlook) to check the O2 server now and again thus flushing the messages to save me from logging on and deleting them manually.

    I just love my little Treo . . . . steep learning curve though . . especially DateBk5!
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    used the o2 dial up settings, gets on fine and my old genie sim gives me free access which is great ...

    but the thing keeps disconnecting and doesnt really get very far at all, anyone else had similar problems or sorted it out?


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