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    When I bought my Treo 300 nearly five months ago, I expected Treo Mail and BizConn to be rapidly improved (and Blazer, for that matter). Five months later, I think that all are still mediocre products, to wit:

    Treo Mail
    - No push e-mail
    - Hotsyncing does not reconcile e-mail on Treo with e-mail on Outlook
    -Many of its touted features are designed to conserve megabyte usage - useless now that Sprint has switched to unlimited data

    - Cannot download (or open) attachments
    - Cannot cut and paste from received e-mails (without doing a fake reply or forward so that you can cut and paste from the text of the *new* message)
    - Cannot click on hyperlinks contained in e-mails
    - Very fickle - I'm sure Sprint has been so busy trying to resolve stability issues that it has not focused on functionality issues

    - Cannot transfer bookmarks between desktop and Blazer (I would think they would be able to develop a button like Adobe did for Reader and Reader for Palm OS, where one simply clicks "Send to Palm") or otherwise sync bookmarks
    - Cannot beam bookmarks to others
    - Horrible about automatically refreshing pages

    Although I am not a developer, these items would seem fairly simple to correct (and fairly obvious items to include in the first place). Does anyone know when updates are expected?

    I am very happy with the Treo hardware. I, however, am reluctant to recommend that my company replace older Blackberrys, Palms and cell phones with the Treo due to its primative software. I find it aggravating that products that could be great are so poorly thought-through in certain cases. Do the developers not use their own products?

    I know that there are ways around several of the issues I brought up - I would just like the programs to actually perform those functions instead of having to invent a 10-step work-around.
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    Altho not explicitly related to your thread, I have some comments about TreoMail (TM) and BizConn (BC).
    I've used them both, and have decided upon TM. In fact, a couple of the issues you called out regarding BC are why I went to TM.
    TM just seems much more stable overall, both on the desktop and on the handheld - largely due, I believe, to the fact that TM does NOT sync up with the desktop Outlook upon HotSync. Why would I need that when it does that wirelessly? When I used BC, the desktop HotSync was the cause for many of my 'not responding' on the PC side and soft resets on the handheld side. No thanks.

    TreoMail just seems to be much more handheld-oriented than BC - the auto e-mail address complete, URL links, phone and mail-to address links, etc. Granted, no push, but the every-15-minute sync works just fine. AND - having the ability to filter out unneeded messages from going to the handheld has been a godsend.
    Bottom line for me - TreoMail wins hands down.

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