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    with all of these terms floating around It would help if someone gave both the technical differences between the technologies and what the future holds.

    I know sprints new 3g network is CDMA2000 but is WCDMA better? are the speeds of data any faster? and can gprs go any faster then 14.4 dialup?

    What does sprint plan for its customers in the coming years??
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    ok, so no one knows????

    can an admin move this post to some part of the board that can answer it?
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    These are all modulation schemes for broadcasting information via radio. CDMA uses complex coding to imbed voice information in a radio wave. Sprint uses a separate technology called 1xRTT to deliver data over the same network. The theoretical throughput of Sprint's network is 144kbps, but it's more like 40-60kbps in practice. GPRS is a data scheme used by GSM operators. GPRS is the bridge between 2G & 3G GSM networks. It's speed is comparable to the 1xRTT technology. WCDMA is just ONE of the possible technologies to succeed GPRS. All that being said, the limitation on the speed of these networks will ultimately be the devices used. The technology used in the Treo is not going to be capable of fully exploiting the bandwidth of current or future networks. The Treo is only the first device to successfully take on the wireless data function. I think future devices will do all of the things our home PCs do, but only if the market supports them.
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    CDMA is Sprint and Verizon . QUALCOMM Technology
    T Mobile and Cingular are GSM/ GPRS . They share the network in Northern California.
    ATT is TDMA migrating to GSM/GPRS, should be complete by now.

    GSM/GPRS and CDMA do not match each other in bandwidth. CDMA is superior to GSM, one of the reasons SPRNT can do unlimited data and the GSM Operators cannot.

    Certain GSM operators in Europe are testing WCDMA as a way to migrate out of the GSM system.

    If you want to see the future just check out KOREA they are 100% CDMA

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