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    I feel that I should probably have one of these, and I'm wondering if bugme is worth paying $$ when diddlebug is free.
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    I have been using Diddlebug with windelbug and I love the way it works. So far I have not wished for any improvements.
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    I prefer the features and interface of bug-me. However, bug-me crashes sometimes when the alarms go off while diddlebug does not.
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    I have been using bugme for a while and have not had any problems - I am not big on setting alarms, but I do have a couple set and they have never caused any issues.
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    If you want to try one out for free, try the SUBJ program out. I've been using it for almost two years-first with my HS Prism/Omnisky Modem and now with Treo 300. I love the fact that I can send/receive notes to people on my email list (free email address) and, with the help of Hand Tap notes, can send colorful comics and graphics attached to the emails. That's my $0.02.

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